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较低的学校 体育运动

Whether they’re dribbling down the court in 篮球 or running to first base in 垒球, our 较低的学校 students enjoy every minute of playing for their team and showing their Stinger pride.


A Place to Learn the Fundamentals

Our 较低的学校 体育运动 program offers every student the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. When our youngest students enter the courts and fields, they are building a foundation of sportsmanship, 技能, 和信心. Working with the significant playing time each student athlete is given, they are beginning to value the strength of team, and they are learning to believe in themselves.

With 13 offerings of soccer, track, 垒球, 篮球, and baseball in grades one through five, lacrosse starting in third grade, and volleyball for fifth-graders, our students enjoy a wealth of opportunities to try out their favorite sport and, 在这个过程中, learn the importance of hard work, 尊重, 和奉献精神. Driven by Seven Hills’ passion for sports, our young athletes enjoy learning and working together on the field, and look forward to the popular first- and second-grade 篮球 clinics, which place them on the court with 上学校 athletes and varsity coaches. We love watching our 较低的学校 student athletes find their way as they learn the rules, 打出去, and grow into their athletic potential.


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